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Advanced Lightroom CC Classic - 1 Day workshop

Four image stitched panorama generated in Lightroom

Four image stitched panorama generated in Lightroom

This course is designed for anyone who has been using Lightroom Classic CC, referred to as Lightroom from now on, and wants to speed up their workflow and utilise the more advanced features of Lightroom. Please use the before/after slider on the images at the bottom of this page, all of which were edited in Lightroom. See bottom of page for further details about the course .

This course will cover


  • What Lightroom is and isn’t

  • Setting up Lightroom to make the most of your laptop screen

  • Keyboard Short Cuts - The ones I think you should know and how to find the rest of them

The Library Module

  • Using Presets when Importing your images

  • Grid/Loupe and Survey View - When to use them and why I never use Compare View

  • Keywording

  • Organising - Folders, Collections, Smart collections - When/How and Why to use them

Beyond the Develop Module

  • Hue/Saturation/Luminance (HSL)

  • Tone Curve

  • Split Toning - Colour and B&W

  • Transform

  • Using brushes to make or refine selections

  • What do the Adjustment Brush presets do and creating your own

  • Lens corrections - Most importantly when to use it.


  • Getting your images from LR into PS and back again

  • Non-destructive Image editing in PS vs LR

  • Selection Tools

  • Compositing several images together

Speeding up your workflow

  • Presets and Profiles - What’s the difference

  • How to create useful Presets

  • Why you shouldn’t waste money and time on buying Presets

  • Batch processing - Why I don’t use Auto-sync

You will need to bring a laptop, with a version of Lightroom CC Classic on it, a mouse, memory stick, pen and paper for taking notes. You will be expected to have some basic laptop knowledge. Attending this course presumes that you have been using LR to some degree to process your images, look at what is covered in our Introduction to LR workshop and if you recognise and use most of what is talked about there then this is the course for you, if not then please do the Introduction to LR Workshop.

This course takes place in Tunbridge Wells.

If you do not have a laptop please let us know and we will contact you to let you know when we will be running our next course at a location that has a computer suite for us to use.