Workshop with Paul Burgess at Burrswood

Last weekend, 27-Oc-2018, I assisted Paul Burgess on his Autumn Colours Workshop at Burrswood. There was a very enthusiastic group of 13 photographers who spent the day out in the grounds taking photographs and back in the warmth to watch us demonstrate how we would process some of their images in Lightroom. I think it’s safe to say that those who were skeptical of Lightroom have become converts, Paul and I offer Lightroom tuition on a 1-2-1 or group basis if you are interested.

Here are a few images I took of the grounds with some before and after shots. Obviously the Gunnera Leaves are not a before and after shot.


White Roses

Here is the original image, as opposed to the cropped version Ikea have. The thing I love about this image is that it reminds me of scrolls or rolls of old fabric just seen end on. 


Back when we lived in London I would regularly make an early morning run to the New Covent Garden flower market and buy bunches upon bunches of flowers to be photographed over the following week or more. Anyway this particular morning I had already bought more than enough when I spotted these Roses looking quite forlorn and discarded. I asked the stall holder how much, bracing myself to haggle him down to a tenner when he said, in his best barrow boy voice, "Have 'em, they're done".  So home they came with everything else and were dutifully put in the nearest bucket of water to await some inspiration, I didn't even unwrap them. 

Several days later I finally got round to them and liking how they appeared scrunched up like this I lay them down on the edge of the table and captured the above shot. Happy with that I undid the wrapping and the whole bunch literally fell apart,  petals everywhere, not a single usable rose among them. I suppose the barrow boy knew what he was talking about.

Be well and enjoy