Fame at last

Here's a phone grab of the lovely Es and I in the furniture store from Sweden (IKEA for those too young to know better) with a copy of my print Roses, I will do another post soon with the original and a little story about the taking of the image.

For those that labour under the false notion that artists (whether they be musician, writer, photographer etc) have it made once their work is being bought by their adoring public think again. Obviously if you are in the top one percent. e.g a Beatle, a Hirst or a Rowling, where your volumes are so massive that every penny earned quickly adds up, then yes you have made it. Take the above image as an example, it retails for £5 here in the UK, I assume something similar in the other territories where it is sold (if you are in one of the other territories I'd love to hear what it is selling for and where, thanks) I think that the only person who makes less than me is probably the printing company that does the actual production but as I only make 10 pence (2% maths fans) per print I could be wrong.

Hope this doesn't come across as too much of a rant, it's not meant to be, just thought it would be nice to give a specific example as opposed to the usual anecdotal stories littering the web.

Be well and enjoy