What's in a name

After deciding what your work is worth, i.e. putting a price on it, the second most difficult thing for me is the title of an image. Do you go for the unhelpful "untitled" to the really unhelpful descriptive title "shell", "flower" etc. Well for me unless an image presents itself with a title I tend to stick to unhelpful.

So here are a couple of images whose titles presented themselves fully formed, some will say "how obvious" but I think they work very well.

 Dangerous Nipple

Poppy Love

 Dancing Tulips

So there we have it, when a gallery say we've sold another "Dancing Tulip" and need another I know exactly what they are talking about, when they say we've sold "Rose #5" or their even more helpful "Rose" I have to do some digging to fill the order. Ho hum a problem of my own making I hear you say.........